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Cheap Perfume

Cheap Perfume

The smell of it burned my nose. My stomach turned the moment I got a whiff of it. And not because it was from my husband’s collar and it wasn’t mine. I don’t wear cheap shit. I don’t like it.

I bet her clothes cost less than the hair on her head and the shoes on her feet combined. I bet his stupid ass paid for all of it. He always had a thing for women of little means, women who needed him and could depend on him. My independence turned him off but my business savvy and smarts kept him on his toes. It intrigued him to know that I had built an empire yet remained on the outs, a shadow to my business partner and eventually, to him.

Christian picked my brain and when I sent him an invoice, he invited me to dinner like a good fuck and bottle of wine would ever keep me from my paper. By the time the waiter brought the bread, I resent my invoice that had gotten “lost” in his emails and had the payment by the end of the night. The fuck was good. Too good. I agreed to marriage.

Daddy didn’t like him but thought it could be a lucrative arrangement. I mean, Christian had four businesses and had been courted by angel investors. His money ran long. I could get more. So, he reluctantly agreed. I wouldn’t move forward without his blessing.

Now, here we are and Daddy has to kill him. Maybe not literally but what does one do when they smell cheap perfume on their husband’s collar? Besides looking away because that’s not an option. Sure, the divorce will favor me but what else? All I know is what I’m not gone do.

I’m saved so busting the windows out his car isn’t an option and I have too much money for that. Imagine the headlines: “Local Business Woman Booked on Damage to Property” as they proceed to drag my name and all I’ve worked for through the mud. But it ain’t like Christian isn’t doing that already.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do? He’s cheating on me. I don’t have time to snoop and figure out who she is. I am rational enough to know she’s irrelevant and simply a pawn in his game as I am but how do I get him back? I’ve never been vengeful because I’ve never had to be. I killed every woman who’s every hated me with success. My nemesis, I shouldn’t even call her that, isn’t even in the same tax bracket as I am. I just haven’t moved on from my high school mean girl tactics so I give her hell whenever I can.

But now I need to bully my husband.

When I get to the mall, it doesn’t take me long to spot the store. After a few moments inside, the saleswoman hands me a bottle after I describe the scent on my husband’s collar. I gag again after confirming then tell her I’ll take it.

My original plan included me dousing myself in the scent like a political statement or something but I don’t want it on my body so I opt to spray it all over his clothes after I pack them up. I don’t know if he’s stupid or doesn’t care because I open his email to find her name right at the top and the location of their next rendezvous.

To my surprise and theirs, we arrive at the same time. Christian and I get out the car at the same time.

“Don’t start.” He has his hands up, protecting himself from a blow he thought would come. I had no intention of hitting him.

I start to unload his things from the trunk. He glances between me and his car. I can’t see her because of the headlights but I stare, hoping she will reveal herself.

As I toss his things to his feet, he widens his stance and crosses his arms. “You can’t kick me out of my house. You get out.” I expect this much from him. I keep looking towards the car, trying to see her and her cheap clothes. I want to see if the perfume smells differently on her skin.

He grabs the bags and goes to put them in the trunk. I race to the car and see her lock the door then leap to the backseat. I cup my hands against the window. I have to see her. Is she prettier? Thinner? Thicker in the right places? How’s her wig?

Christian grabs me and tries to pull me away and that’s when I slap him and bust his lip. He stumbles back and she hops out the car.

Kim. The neighbor? Before I can stop myself, I knock her down too then spit on them.

I start crying in the car but I feel much better. Sweet release.

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  1. Matt Christian
    January 19, 2020 / 12:53 am

    Great Short story!

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