Kay’s Korner: For Botham

Kay’s Korner: For Botham

So one of the latest things we can’t do while black is be in our own homes, right?

My spirit has been in a constant state of unrest for years. How do we settle into the fact that our lives are in danger by people who pledged to protect and serve? Not only was Botham unarmed, he was in his own home doing nothing. Y’all this is nuts.

But this is about Botham. For Botham. Justice will prevail. I’m not entertaining any other thoughts or ideas. I refuse to believe or accept anything else. The thoughts do come and I was furious when it all happened. I’m still furious. I get more angry when I think about it but I am quickly reminded that though my anger is just, I can’t let it outweigh my faith and prayer. If I don’t pray, it’ll consume me. And I pray that your life or death won’t be in vain. I pray that your family and friends don’t allow their anger and grief to consume them and look to God for healing and peace. I pray that the DA decides to charge the murderer fairly and without bias.

Botham you deserved better. Your life mattered and from what I can tell, you are very loved. The best part is knowing that you definitely are in a better place. To us, you met our Maker too soon but I believe in my heart he welcomed you saying “well done.”

Rest easy my brother.

No Randomness today guys. This one’s for Botham, Mac Miller and Kyrzada Rodriguez.

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