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Writing – Writing has to be my favorite thing to do next to reading. I welcome any opportunity to tell stories for brands and businesses. Through my services, I am able to create narratives for your organization for any medium or writing form. I develop content to help you effectively convey your message and tell your story.

  • Company profiles
  • Blogs
  • E-newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Articles and more.

Marketing – How will people discover your product or service? I will assist with company and product launch. Provide creative direction on positioning and messaging. Market analysis. Advise on strategic partnerships. Develop marketing materials and collateral for distribution.

Social Media – Social media is king and the key to growing your business. When used correctly, your sales and brand exposure can grow exponentially. I can support you by creating and implementing a campaign to establish, improve or increase your brand exposure and social media presence. Social media management by creating visuals and captivating captions, content calendar, answer inquiries and comments. Analyze metrics such as growth, engagement and conversation to optimize strategy, track KPIs and monitor competitor and industry news and trends.  

Media Relations – Controlling the narrative with the public is the key to maintaining your brand’s image. Through my partnership with local media, I will collaborate with media outlets on storytelling initiatives. Press and media kits.

Branding – How do you stand out from the crowd? Building a brand can be difficult especially when you don’t know where to start. I can help you with all your branding initiatives starting from the ground up. From naming to messaging and strategy, together we will determine your needs and the creative direction to help you or your products stand out.

Business Consulting – Whether it’s a side hustle or corporation, we can flesh out your idea and figure out your business direction. Startup and business planning, strategy and general guidance are a few of the things you can expect. Hourly, daily and weekly rates available. I’m also available on retainer.  

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