“Just imagine how much untapped greatness lies within you. There’s nothing that tells a caterpillar it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Oprah

Hey, y’all! I’m Kay!

My elevator pitch:

I discuss navigating life and spirituality as a young believer and offer practical advice and insight based on my life experiences.
Long form:

I create uplifting and inspiring content, motivating millennial females to reach their full potential, find (and answer) their call in life and to take up some space! I also discuss pursuing entrepreneurship as a young adult and challenges we face while working a full time job (no 9-5 shaming here, honey), attempting to forge our own paths and do life differently  than our parents and define success for ourselves. I believe in the empowerment of self through love, care, prioritization and preservation. Most importantly, however, I believe in God.

By day, I am a marketing professional. By night, I moonlight as freelance writer and communications consultant. Basically, if I’m not writing, I’m telling people how to write… better.

Yes, I wear many hats but my ultimate goal is helping you. Providing some uplifting content and maybe a little inspiration. Improving your business. Sparking your creativity. Embracing your individuality. Creating a new vision for your life. Claiming your passion. Cultivating your own career.