A Spirit of Expectancy

A Spirit of Expectancy

I have a vivid imagination. It is all over the place, whether I want it to be or not. My mind comes up with several scenarios for any situation, good or bad. The things I come up with are fascinating but serve a better purpose when channeled anywhere outside of my mind. Sometimes, it can get the best of me and leave me stuck. I think the worst about anything and end up making no moves at all.

Your optimism is tied to your faith. Do you expect good things to happen to you? How do you receive and process the occurrences in your life? Do you see the bright side?

Expect amazing things to happen! Pay attention to your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Shut down the made up scenarios in your mind. Expect Gods favor. Believe that grace and mercy follow you everywhere and that God’s favor will manifest in everything you do.

God revealed to me that though my words and language conveyed excitement and expectancy, my mind was still focused on plan B. I wasn’t fully investing myself, my hope and my faith in the fact that plan A would come to pass. There was doubt lingering in my subconscious and it was important that I acknowledge it so it wouldn’t be reflected in my actions. I want to move forth boldly and trust that God has my front, back and sides and that my dreams will come to pass, that my hard work isn’t in vain.

God has also been showing me lately the lack of control I have. I mentioned before that I have had to completely surrender to Him. I’m used to trying to predict the outcome and either doing the work to manipulate the results or doing nothing because I think I already know what’s going to happen. I’ve been faced with several situations where not only do I have to take actions but I also don’t know the outcome and can do nothing about it. I have to operate in faith.

Think of when you are at your wits end with your job. Walking away is not an option and no job prospects appear to be on the horizon. What happens? What do you do? Who you call? Why is God taking so long? He sees what’s going on. Why isn’t He doing anything?

Well, you still have something to learn at the job and God will move you when it’s time. Do all you can do and be of good courage. God will work it out. He always does. Check His track record. He has yet to let you down or lead you astray. Trust that He will make a way. While my imagination has come up with a dramatic walk out after a resignation to match that keeps playing over and over in my head, God is preparing a peaceful promotion with a hefty raise minus any drama. When we are weak, that’s when God is strong. Let God work and expect great things!

So how optimistic are you? Do you expect breakthroughs and unmerited favor? Do you believe that God will send the right people at the right time? Do you trust that God will work it out, even though it seems impossible? I have decided to be a living witness. I search for God in everything just so I can come back and tell you how God provided so not only that you may be inspired but so that He can receive the glory He deserves.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.


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