Make the Choice

Make the Choice

One of my worst fears is ending up outside of God’s will. I understand that you live and you learn but being outside of his will can have some serious consequences.

I’m guilty of trying to do things in my own. Even now that I am closer to God and well aware of right and wrong, I still stray away. The goal will always be grace over perfection but I wonder what would happen if I remained in constant prayer at all times and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me. Would I end up in so many ridiculous situations? And I’m not being dramatic. I end up in ridiculous circumstances all the time.

“Have you noticed how patiently God operates to make our escape attempts fail?”

What I’m learning is that God already knows what I’m going to do before I even do it so I may as well just do it. I listened to a Ted Talk a few years ago that discussed choices and how we generally make them harder than it needs to be because deep down we already know the choice we want to make it. We simply tether between the choices because we worry that we will be rewarded for one and punished for the other. But if you put it into perspective, unless the choice is to murder or not to murder or commit some other heinous crime, then you’ll probably be okay with either choice. Just decide. Whether you fly or learn a new lesson, God will be there every step of the way.

“God’s continual desire is for us to face our problems with His help.”

You just don’t have to go into the situation alone. Even if you know it’s a bad decision, you can still trust God to be with you. Think of how many bad decisions you’ve made thus far and you’re still alive. Clearly God has been with you through all of your mistakes and errors. God wants you to live a full life, trusting and depending on Him. Ask Him for help and guidance when you need it. No matter how you may feel, you’re never alone and you never have to face any choice alone. Let God and love be your guide.

God loves us through our good, bad and ugly. We’re the ones who leave Him when we feel as though we have everything under control and start leaning to our own understanding more than we should. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Continue to live and grow and glow and enjoy your journey. You’ll end up exactly where you need to be.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

P.S. The last few posts have been really long so I was trying to keep this short and sweet. Yay or nay?

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