The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch

Two weeks until New Year’s Eve! New Year’s happens to be my favorite holiday.

I love how festive it is and I love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. Plus, it means my birthday is close! 

I’ve been spending a ton of time thinking about 2018 but it’s been difficult because it’s not over yet and nothing in my life has slowed down. As I told you guys last week, we still have time to make a few things shake.

However, it’s cool to reflect on the year and see how you’ve grown and see what’s changed. In the words of my Jermaine:“Keep grindin boy yo life can change in one year.” It’s natural to look at things within our socially constructed time frames and pull out our measuring sticks to see how far we’ve gone and how far we still have to go. Glance over aroad map (*cough cough* vision boards) we made up and see if we’re still headed in the right direction. 

“What God has promised you doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Joel Osteen

God doesn’t work on an annual basis.Victories and trials and tribulations come and go as God sees fit. They start and end according to the plan that was laid out long before you got here, not because the calendar started and ended. 

Working and planning on our calendars make sense because it’s what we’re used to especially in terms of maintaining order in our lives. But be open to constant and abrupt change. God can and will come in and shake up the table at any moment. 

Yes 2018 is coming to a close but God isn’t done. He’s not wrapping anything up. He’s still reigning. He’s not looking at your year in review. He’s looking at your life. He’s not stopping to regroup because it’s the end of the year and he’s not pressing pause. It’s crazy because I’ll try and piece together things and I’ll sometimes see how they lined up and have a bit of an “ah-ha” moment but then I realized that there are probably events that are connected to right now that I can’t even recall.

I think we need to shift from looking at the start of a new year or month or week (I love starting my diet over on Monday!) as the chance to start over and simply appreciate every single day. Every single moment is a new chance to be who God has called you to be. Don’t miss opportunities waiting for a fresh start or looking at the calendar and don’t allow the concept of time to distract you.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

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