Kay’s Korner 6/7/2018

Kay’s Korner 6/7/2018

When I learned about Kate Spade’s passing, I had so many emotions and feelings immediately.

Sad. (OMG!)

Angry. (Why would she do that? Why would she leave her daughter?)

Disappointed. (If only she had gotten help. Maybe we wouldn’t be here.)

Concerned. (Her daughter is only 13! This is going to rock her world. Let’s not forget what happened to Bobbi Kristina.)

Then I stopped and asked myself why did I care so much because I didn’t know the lady. Then I thought about how I always have feelings. I be feeling, y’all.

And I was like you need to stop feeling girl! You don’t have to feel about everything!

But then I realized I don’t want to not feel. I don’t want to be the type of person who goes through life only concerned with myself and the people I’m connected to. That’s not compassion. The world is much bigger than my little world. I don’t ever want to get to a point in my life where I’m not affected by the passing of someone or become de-synthesized as the smart people say. Death is sad and it makes sense for me to feel sad when someone dies.

So I accept the fact that I feel. I just gotta keep these emotions under control and don’t let them control me and allow the feelings to come and go freely and honor them.

If you ever feel depressed or suicidal, please please, please talk to a mental health professional or call 1-800-273-TALK or if you ever just want someone to talk to, holla at a playa. I’m more than happy to listen and/or pray with you. If there’s a gap I can fill, let me know.

Did y’all know 800,000 people commit suicide every year and that’s it’s the second leading cause of death among people age 15-29? Please get the help you need.

Randomness That Has Nothing to Do With Anything:

Television makes everything glamorous especially alcohol. Don’t even get me started on the sex scenes. It’s like what is happening?! That’s not what happens. At all. People throw back drinks in rapid successions and keep carrying on with their day. It’s complete BS. If you drink multiple drinks, you die. Bottom line. I’m speaking from experience. It’s all a big joke. No, I’m not just realizing this but I was watching something on television so here I am sharing it with you.

I fasted from shopping for two months and I broke the habit. I’ve only shopped twice this month. (This month being May. Once in June.) My pocketbook is happy. But now I’m realizing I can get rid of so many of my clothes because I wear the same thing over and over again. I have no shame.

Name four people you can’t live without. I heard this on a podcast so I’m sharing it with yall. I forgot to write down the context lol.

I haven’t really gotten into the Pusha T and Drake debacle because I genuinely don’t care but I read an article about a line Push made about 40 having MS. I’m now wondering how far is too far? You don’t think that man thinks about how ill he is everyday? And living with a disease as painful as MS, you don’t think he thinks about mortality often and the fact that he will be confronting death sooner than most? This is his real life. I don’t get rap beef. I have no desire to understand it but what I know well is basic human compassion. That was too low of a blow. That’s just like when that White House aide made that joke about John McCain. Why would you joke or rap about someone who is terminally ill?! Why?!?!

Recording people without their consent is dangerous. What if they’re in a witness protection program or running from an abusive ex? But then what if they’re committing a crime like killing an unarmed person? Video recording, like everything else, has its benefits when used correctly but I’ve been cringing at videos of people living their lives and people making fun of them for being different. I don’t like that.

Are we still mad at H&M? Just me? Alright.

Okay, you crazy kids. See you next week.

Oh, I took some new pics! 🙂 Coming soon to an Instagram post near you!

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