Insecure Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Lowkey Done

Insecure Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Lowkey Done

We get to see what is up with Issa after the big blowout and to see wher her head is. Good stuff once again.


This man has to be the funniest characters we have seen on Insecure since her neighbor. He reminded me of every random, older black man I’ve ever encountered. One time, this man offered me help and I declined. Taken aback, he told me, “That’s what’s wrong with y’all. Don’t know when to accept help. Let me carry your bags.” He and George are the same person. Between the yelling across the street and not trusting GPS, it made me miss interactions with old black men. Damn you, Corona.

I haven’t checked social media but if anyone is saying how it’s unrealistic to pick up a random stranger, send them my way. It was a woman though, years ago and I have not done it again.

Poor Issa

Clearly, my girl is lonesome, and that fight is holding her back from really basking in the success of her event. All the positive feedback isn’t even enough the pull her out of her rut. She’s been replaying the fight in her head and has taken some responsibility for it and even considers reaching out to Molly. The aftermath of a fight with a friend is always weird. When should reconciliation happen? Should reconciliation happen?

We also don’t really see Issa be Issa. She’s being this watered-down version of herself, grasping for straws. These failed random acts of kindness to her getting played by those girls. They gave her the praise and validation she had been seeking and then got over on her. That had to suck.

Also, Issa Dee pull up game is WEAK. I hope in real life, Issa Rae would fight.

It’s pretty telling that Issa answers Nathan’s calls but no one else. And notice that comment about her not wanting that to be the way they reconnected. I’m looking forward to them having that ghosting conversation about how he sometimes goes dark. Also, is there a writer from Houston in that room? Is Kendrick bringing the black Houstonian male flare to his character on his own because my goodness it is spot on? Wow. It was the “hit me” line that did it for me.  

Talks with Mom

Moms always know. Four sentences in and a hug, the tears started flowing. Issa’s comment about her mom having a family by 30 may be foreshadowing a future conversation with Lawrence. I also noticed how she has been replaying everyone’s comments about her. The show opened with her replaying Molly’s comments and then brought up an old comment her mom made at her aunt’s retirement party. But sometimes, you do need to just run it all by your mama. I’ve been assuming Issa has been getting her life together and proud of her, meanwhile, she’s battling feelings of inadequacy and feeling lost. Things may look good on the outside but you never really know what folks could be dealing with inside. Reminds me of that quote: Everyone’s fighting a battle that no one knows about.

Issa and Molly

Kelli had valid points and even a real-life reference, but Issa still avoided Molly. I really don’t blame her for not wanting to go inside, especially if she’s not ready. Issa needed a friend the whole episode and had this encounter happened earlier, she probably would have said something but that would have been her being same old, selfish Issa and just reaching out because she needed something. Issa had gotten the support she needed from her mom, so she didn’t see a reason to go to Molly. Maybe she wasn’t ready or not ready to admit her faults, but I don’t think Issa has realized the role she played in everything. Her desire to reach out was rooted in the fact that she felt lonely, lost and needed to talk. That’s it.

While every line George had was funny, Kelli had me cackling: “You ignored me like you’re my biological father.” Also, I could be reaching, but why did she have Tiffany’s crying baby?

Looking forward to next week when we see Molly on her baecation and get more of her side! I’m also very happy it’s ten episode this season even though I know the last episode will have us collectively screaming into a void.


  1. Cassandra Noel
    May 18, 2020 / 7:42 am

    Excellent recap! I cannot wait to see Molly’s perspective of things. I still think Molly is dead wrong.

  2. Bree
    May 18, 2020 / 11:13 am

    Great points! George tickled me because I’ve met so many like him in real life.
    I don’t know that we’ll get reconciliation from them 2 this season.
    I’m excited for episode 7 because a lot of the cast members said it was their favorite episode from this season on Issa’s IG live

  3. Lauren B.
    May 19, 2020 / 7:37 am

    Great recap! I’m like Crissle- this episode was the funniest this season to me. I was dying at the whole first part. George was hilarious!

    I don’t know why, but I am still surprised every week by how these writers are so good at creating content that is so relatable on so many levels. From the confusion about what to do after reaching a personal/ professional goal & not being able to fully celebrate yourself, to being grown and wanting to run to your mom like you just got hurt outside playing.

    Also, Molly is pissing me off because she was dead ass wrong at the block party. But I keep having to remember that Issa is kind of the reason it got to that point because she was blowing off the conversation for so long. Which makes me think about the growth that comes with trying to be cognizant of your own flaws when relationships fall on hard times. Lawd!

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