Insecure Recap, Season 4, Episode 5, Lowkey Movin’ On

Insecure Recap, Season 4, Episode 5, Lowkey Movin’ On

Ahh, we finally see the infamous line from the season opener which now that I see the context, the comment feels premature…

Okay, so it’s the block party.

Shout out to Vince Staples and Alex Isley! If I’m not mistaken, that’s Amine playing Kelli’s date.

Issa is in boss mode at the party. I’m here for it. Am I tripping or was Issa wearing that skirt from earlier in the season? Hahahahaha!


I got one prediction right: she got him to ask Andrew about the artist. We’ll talk more about the blow up later, of course. I’m still not sure what I would like to see happen with Nathan and Issa. I haven’t forgotten how he ghosted my girl. I’m glad he did, though. It gave her a chance to grow without being attached to someone. He’s still foul for that. Hopefully, that’s something they discuss in the coming episodes. Who knows? Issa might not want that old thing back. I did like how he gassed her up though and rightfully so. It was much deserved. She did have a great event.

Condy’s Back

Okay, so my prediction was wrong. Condy and Lawrence did break up. Well I’ll be. Condy and Issa’s chat felt like a friend breakup which we’ll be discussing how that happens in real life on Wednesday so come back. But anyway, yea Condy clearly has been cutting Issa off for whatever reason and that reason I’m assuming is because Lawrence told her he still has feelings for Issa. But that just goes back to my original point: they were never friends in the first place. Where’s your little mayo and French fry banter now that the ish done hit the fan, huh?


Tiffany is not okay. “She didn’t take. Her loss.” While the line was hilarious, it’s another sign that Tiff may be struggling with motherhood and possibly postpartum. Remember when they came to see the baby and she said she doesn’t like her kid when she’s too excited? There have been subtle hints along the way. I think Tiff has the new mommy blues.

The Fight

Just to be clear: Molly ruined the event.

Issa’s successful event will now be labeled as ghetto. All anyone will remember is that someone was shooting and no one was shooting! (Also, why did they start running? They know neither of them had a gun. I was also laughing so hard at Kelli.) And then everyone saw Issa arguing with someone so she’s going to get a bad wrap for that because I’m sure vendors saw her. Remember how she was worried about looking professional? We spent the entire episode proud of Issa for pulling off this successful and then their lids blow. It basically looks like things got ghetto when the black folks showed up. I’ve been caping for Molly the past few weeks but I’m not feeling her right now.

This is what we need to discuss: was Issa wrong for asking Nathan to ask Andrew? Molly said no because she didn’t want to mess things up with him. I didn’t take that as don’t involve him at all. And Andrew said it was no big deal. He literally just sent an email furthering the notion that it wasn’t as big as Molly made it. Issa asked her friend for a favor and her friend felt she didn’t deserve her help.

In my opinion, Molly didn’t want to ask because she was wielding her power, not protecting her relationship. What really angered her was that Issa found a way without her. If it were to happen, then it needed to be because of Molly because she’s so used to saving Issa. Molly also didn’t want to ask Andrew because she didn’t believe the event would be a success and thought it would get him caught up in Issa’s possibly disastrous event.

Notice how Andrew always seems to appeal to reason when it comes to Molly and Issa’s relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if the way she handles their spat makes him feels some kind of way.

Okay, so let me know what you guys think? Was Issa wrong? She obviously admits to being wrong about something based on the preview for the next episode but I don’t get what.


  1. Branisha
    May 11, 2020 / 7:53 am

    Kelli was hilarious this episode.
    Yes i thought the comment felt premature to me too, but I was guessing Issa felt like she let her down for her event so that’s why she wasn’t effin with her. Then to find out Andrew was actually the plug.
    I said the same thing about the skirt haha!
    I was glad they didn’t shine too much spotlight on Nathan this episode. It was just enough.
    I saw postpartum depression for sure in Tiff.
    Say it again MOLLY RUINED THE EVENT!
    I thought I heard someone shout “she had a knife”
    I didn’t feel Issa was wrong. I felt like Molly told Issa no because she didn’t want to bring that into her relationship. Issa found a way that didn’t involve Molly so all should be good. Andrew didn’t even mention it to Molly so it clearly wasn’t a big deal. She could’ve saved her comments for the next day. She was out of line for confronting her at the block party. I feel like Molly really wanted her to fail.

  2. Chelsi Stokes
    May 11, 2020 / 7:57 am

    Issa was not wrong for asking Nathan for help. Molly didn’t think the event would be successful. She talked down on it since the 1st episode. She also had that weird “OMG this is surprisingly nice “face the enitee time there.

    I was thinking Lawrence would show up at the event…..

  3. Adrianne
    May 11, 2020 / 7:57 am

    Molly’s is so tiring. Nathan hit Issa up asking if she needed help. So because Molly said no when she REALLY needed her she was supposed to pass up on that? I really need her to go back to that therapist she was seeing last season. Molly should’ve been more specific with her words if she didn’t want her or her man involved cause she only said don’t involve her. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it.

    • Kay
      May 11, 2020 / 3:07 pm

      I saw this comment on Twitter that said Issa been finessing what she wants out of Molly and it’s had me thinking…

  4. Rae
    May 11, 2020 / 2:47 pm

    Nathan!! So I’ve personally been rooting for him lol. Yup he messed up and ghosted her but he was the person that helped push her to coordinate the block party. I also figured she would get him to help book the artist.

    Condy is blah. She ended things with Lawrence and decided to ignore Issa, regarding business discussions, so lame. Hope her storyline is done lol.

    Originally, I thought Issa comment was premature and should have not been said to Nathan. However, by the end of episode I changed my mind. Molly was wrong, Issa found a way to book the artist that didn’t involve her and she got upset. Molly said she wouldn’t ask Andrew or wanted to be involved(which is fair, “I guess” since Issa hasn’t been supportive of her relationship), so Issa didn’t involve her. So why is she upset?!…..whew episode was a lot lol

    • Kay
      May 11, 2020 / 3:06 pm

      It was a lot! But it started off so happy then it all went left!!

  5. AJ
    May 11, 2020 / 3:32 pm

    Sister, sister, never knew how much I missed ya… SWV….Sisters with Voicessss….Sisters got Choiceeesss.

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