Kay’s Korner: My Favorite Podcasts

Kay’s Korner: My Favorite Podcasts

My love affair with podcasts began a few years ago starting with Another Round. (I know they don’t like to hear it but I miss them dearly.) Anyway, now, like everything, I have managed to take it too far and subscribe to way too many. I know many people binge watch but I binge listen. Below are my absolute favorites that I listen to when I need to get my life together. I love self-help books and these are technically self-help podcasts.

  1. TD Jakes – Listen. TD Jakes gets my life together every week. I enjoy church for many reasons and one of the most important reasons is that I love hearing different interpretations of scripture. Bishop Jakes is one of those pastors that you cannot deny his annointing. Bottom line: he be preachin!
  2. How Does She Do It? – So I heard Tiff on a finance podcast and once I realized she was a Soror, I was oh okay, sis! I really like her podcast because every now and then she preaches! I don’t even think she realizes it but I definitely enjoy her practical advice on life, work and interpretation of scriptures.
  3. Happy Black Woman – Rosetta will make you get your life together real quick! While she doesn’t podcast as often as she used to, it’s still worth sifting through the archives and listening to some of the older episodes.
  4. Schoolin’ Life – This is a newbie but I have enjoyed the few episodes I have heard. I heard one of the hosts on another podcast and started following her on Instagram and now I’m a podcast listener. It’s regular girl talk. No fringes. No political correctness. They get right into it. I’m a few weeks behind but I can’t wait to binge.
  5. Super Soul Sunday – Last but certainly not least, Senora Winfrey. Super Soul Sunday is where I get most of my book recommendations. I love the fact that it’s not only Christians being interviewed and thought leaders but it’s Oprah talking about spirituality as well. Super Soul Sunday tackles some of life’s complex questions and challenges and discusses the power of peace, prayer and overcoming obstacles. It’s jam packed with gems.

This list is not inclusive but if you enjoy my blog, I think you will enjoy these podcasts. They are a good starting point for entry into the exciting world of podcasting. What are some of your faves? Let me know in the comments below.


Randomness That Has Nothing to Do With Anything:

Like most millennials, I grew up watching music videos and this past week or so has been filled with Aretha Franklin tributes. I stumbled across A Rose is Still a Rose on Tumblr and realized this song shaped me into the woman I am today. When I tell y’all I used to wear this song out. (Let the record show that I was ten.) My sister and I used to record music videos to watch again later and I watched this over and over and over. Anyway, I was at my mom’s house when I rediscovered the song and I couldn’t stop laughing because everything makes so much sense now. I didn’t even realize that was her song! Look up the lyrics. Seriously, everything makes so much sense now.

Has anyone watched I Am A Killer on Netflix? Can we talk about the fact that most of the prisoners are in Texas? Actually, let’s discuss Kenneth and how I wrote Nico a letter. He infuriated me. If you’ve watched, let me know and I’ll send you the letter so you can read it.

When Issa was trying to decide what bitmoji to send Daniel, I felt really close to her. I love that show.

What’s stress? Deciding between bible study and your book club meeting.

What’s stress? Trying to learn a new hairstyle.

What’s stress? Sticking to a budget.

What’s stress? Being even slightly aware of the social and economic injustices that people of color face daily.

Would you be interested in joining a weekly call hosted by yours truly in which we touch base with like minded individuals all over the country?

I’ve been falling behind in my reading! Almost done with Sula but very little progress on anything else and it’s almost the end of the month. Yikes!

Alrighty. That’s it for this week. TTYL

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