Blind Faith: Why I Don’t Need to Know the Why

Blind Faith: Why I Don’t Need to Know the Why

Faith not by sight.

It’s hard not knowing why some things I’ve prayed for haven’t come to pass or not knowing the rhyme or reason to the ways of this world but I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out God. I can only see what’s in front of me and what God allows me to see in spirit realm, if anything. But my limited perspective has me asking for things that would throw things out of whack for someone else or derail their destiny. God sees the big picture. He is orchestrating things to fulfill His will, not my own. Not know the why is the beginning of sacrifice. It’s the starting point for truly allowing God’s will to operate over your own.

His will is perfect.

Now I have definitely tried to rationalize things that have happened as though I have it all figured out. “Oh, God didn’t allow this because of that” or “God is doing this for that.” If we are truly honest, we have no clue what God is doing. But that’s where blind faith comes in. We have to trust God when we have no idea what He is doing. God knows best. He hasn’t steered you wrong yet and He never will. Knowing why would give us too much control and we are not in control. Knowing why would have us trying to map out a plan or prepare for what we think is next. It would have us trying to manipulate the outcome. Think about it: if God said you aren’t getting that promotion at work because you are going to work at another place instead. You would be like okay, where and when? What if it was 5, 10 years from now? What would you do? Or if He told you that you won’t be married until your 40s? Or that you aren’t having kids? What would you do? Be honest.

God has never failed.

God could fix everything with the blink of His eye, the snap of His fingers, a mere glance in my direction. In a matter of seconds, He could answer all of my prayers. Or he could turn my world upside down and send me through a Job phase. He could even wipe out creation AGAIN and start all over. God is limitless. There’s nothing He can’t do. When we take the time to question His authority, we act as though God owes us something when He doesn’t. Do you remember that Jesus hung, bled and died? We owe Him, not the other way around. I could ask why but could handle it?

You can’t handle the why. I can’t handle the why. A mere glimpse into my future would probably turn my world upside down. Instead of allowing things to happen organically, I would go into control mode and try to figure out how to get there. But God has already mapped that out so I don’t need to know why. I need to continue following Him blindly, filled with faith and trust and hope, knowing that God’s good and perfect plan is fully operative in my life.



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