Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Part 2

Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Part 2

If you haven’t, read the first part of two part series.

Alright. Let’s get into it.

Do people have a responsibility on social media?

Nope. It’s their page and they are free to post whatever they choose. YOU have a responsibility as to who you follow. Cultivate a social media that you don’t hate. Follow and support people whose values and beliefs align with yours. Support platforms that cater to what you seek.

I believe the frustration with the media derived from trying to keep up with the culture and stay abreast on current events. That’s why I pulled back from Kay’s Korner. Too much tea is never good for you, mmkay? And that energy needed to be redirected. Yes, it’s funny and entertaining but when it comes down to it, it’s not important and my time could be better spent elsewhere and when it came time for me to choose where I would like to waste time, Netflix won.

Time is a gift. It’s valuable. I want to be more mindful of how I spend it and if I’m going to be on social media, then I’m going to be mindful of what I’m ingesting.

Should we really be relying on the internet for a source of motivation and inspiration?

I mean, if not, then I guess I should stop blogging. Nah but for real. I love a good inspirational post and quote but I also know outside of the screen are real life experiences to which I can apply those quotes. And if you pay attention, there’s inspiration and motivation everywhere. We can’t rely on the internet so much.

No one owes you their story.

And that’s the bottom line. We all have a story. Good, bad and ugly. But no one owes it to you. I control what I want the world to see and that’s snippets. I don’t want to tell my whole story. And maybe I will one day but maybe I won’t. Maybe I never will. And that’s fine. Once we stop expecting people to be real and honest is when we get so see social media for the entertainment factor it is. Once we stop praising people for being “real” and realizing this is only a small portion of their lives, then we can coexist happily in the internet space.

Moral of the story: make it work for you, just like these influencers do. Don’t let it control you. We hold all the power. If we don’t engage or log on, no money can be made. Control the narrative.

And that’s where I am with social media. People aren’t obliged to behave according to my standards in which they know nothing about and they’re allowed to seek validation through selfies and well filtered photos. They have every right to seek comfort and escape from their real world if they choose to do so. They could even create a whole new world that looks like nothing like their own life. I, however, have every right to not indulge, to unfollow people as I see fit and to unplug as often as necessary.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

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