Kay’s Korner 6/14/18

Kay’s Korner 6/14/18

So Monday, I was agitated. All day. Attitude was on 1000. I traced it back to the fact that I didn’t journal, mediate, pray or read the word that day or the past few days. I basically decided I would do life on my own and it turned out to be a terrible idea. Surprise, surprise. The worst decision I’ve made all week and the week ain’t even over yet.

It wasn’t until that night that I realized where I went wrong. Sure, I had gentle tugs at my heart throughout the day but I shrugged them off and went on a rampage and a Netflix binge. As me and Chelsi like to say, I was crotchety and it was everyone’s fault but mine. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep! I whipped out that journal so fast, y’all. I don’t like NOTHING messing with my rest, okay? At 10pm I need to be shut down and when 10pm rolled around and I was tossing and turning I knew I had to do something otherwise Tuesday would be a repeat of Monday.

I’m not someone who studies the Bible like should, prays when I should, journal when I should. I don’t claim to be perfect. I know how important it is for me to do those things and when I don’t I lose sight of God and of who He is and who I am in Him. So by neglecting to feed my spirit, by choosing other things over prayer and meditation, by putting everything else before my spiritual growth, everything else suffered. I just thank God for the fact that I’m able to realize how important it is to tap into Him and that I cannot, in fact, do life on my own. I’m so glad that God just reminds me how important it is to take care of my soul before trying to seize the day. I had been going and going and going for days without checking in so it made sense that on Monday it all came to a screeching halt. And I’m so grateful.

God is good.

Randomness That Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with Anything:

A word: God will perfect what’s concerning you.

Another word: How would life go if we simply stood on God’s promises? If we simply rested assure? Did the superwoman pose on the Word?

I finally took some new pics! However, I want to start using the same photo for Kay’s Korner so the posts can be uniform. I need this blog to be decent and in order. So as soon as I make a decision, you guys won’t be seeing different pics every week. (I think this week’s pic is the one.)

I’m going MIA from the social medias again for an unknown amount of time. It feels weird to announce this but it’s going to be for an extended period of time and I felt like I should share.

So being that I won’t know much about what’s happening in the streets, it’ll be interesting to see what my random thoughts will be about lol.

Talk to you all next week!

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