Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

You read the title in Rihanna’s voice or nah?

The reality of work kicked in after college: it’s not fun. A few jobs and self-help books later, I decided that I should find meaningful work, something that I didn’t mind doing every day for the rest of my life. I decided it was time for me to seek out my passion and start writing.

While finding your passion is all fine and dandy, so is working and earning a living. In my mind, I could walk away and everything would be fine. But then I was unemployed involuntarily and the success didn’t come as quick as the bills came. I didn’t like the uncertainty of not knowing how much money I would have in the weeks to come.

That struggle wasn’t for me.

And that was okay. Being comfortable not having the security net of paycheck every two weeks was something I didn’t want to become comfortable with. I had seen and read too many stories that told me I needed to struggle and grind to appreciate the success that was to come. But ya girl wasn’t feeling it.

I hadn’t yet heard about people who work full time and grind it out but once I did, I realized I had to do what worked for me and stop trying to mimic other people’s journey.

Work is a part of life. And if you hate your job, grind a little harder so you can leave and  find something else. If you want to work for yourself, take the necessary steps and start planning to do so. There are plenty of people who have spent time working in a job that they didn’t like to create financial stability to chase their dreams. They worked for organizations in which they could sharpen their skills and increase their knowledge so they can be better employees for themselves. You have everything you need. Use your tools wisely.

But there are also people who work full time and have side hustles with no intention of leaving their day job. And that is okay. Work is okay. It’s important that we realize that. Trust the process. Don’t rush it. Appreciate the journey. It’s okay to work and be an artist. It’s okay to have a full time job and be an entrepreneur. No 9-5 shaming.

And maybe it’s not always about using what you’re passionate about to make money. Sometimes, it’s just about doing what you’re passionate about. Read. Write. Draw. Create. Do whatever it is your soul needs. Feed your spirit.

Trust the process.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.


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