Insecure Recap: Season 4, Episode 4, Lowkey Losin’ It

Insecure Recap: Season 4, Episode 4, Lowkey Losin’ It

Sorry, I’m late this week, guys. Took me a minute to process and rewatch plus my nails are super long so I hate typing.

Anyway, wow. I mean, wow. Okay.


Okay what y’all think happened with Condy and Lawrence? Clearly, it has something to do with why Condy has gone MIA on Issa and Lawrence said he needed to talk to Issa about something. What if they decided to cut her out of their lives to focus on building their relationship because it’s too weird? I’ve been kind of assuming they would hook up but I think this idea sounds more insecure and on brand. 


Nathan called! “You ain’t gotta call me back or nothing?” Raise your hand if a man ever left a message like that for you. Ten extra points if he’s from Houston. I think of all the characters, Nathan has to be the most triggering for me. He reminds me of so many guys. Like did Kendrick help write this character or is this how every guy is? I hope we see him next week though. My toxic ass is into it because I would’ve called back. 

Let’s talk about this.

I’m not sure how I felt about the interaction between Molly and Issa at Tiffany’s house. Like I get why Molly was annoyed because it felt like a jab but I also felt like Molly’s comment felt forced, like it didn’t belong in the conversation at that moment. Tiffany being supported during childbirth doesn’t seem equivalent to her feeling supported by Andrew understanding she has to work. What y’all think?  

One Time for the Writers 

I love how the writers bring attention to issues without making it the main issue like they did with black women’s maternal issues. They did the same thing last week when Issa’s brother discussed how he felt judged and didn’t feel like he could be himself at family functions. They do a great job at highlighting real life issues and it makes the show seem more real and relatable. 

Judgey or Judgy? 

Molly’s feeling judged because she’s always judging. Hence that comment she made in the baby’s room to Tiffany. I saw this post that said the best way to stop feeling judged is to stop judging. A hit dog will holler, okay? We are really starting to see a new Molly that Issa doesn’t get to see and vice versa. Through their communication breakdown, they’re missing out on each other’s growth. Issa isn’t the irresponsible person Molly has had to take care of after falling flat on her face countless times. And Molly isn’t the self-sabotaging person she’s always been. I am baffled by what makes them so blinded to each other’s growth. Clearly, Issa’s event is on the right track so Molly really has no reason to question or doubt what she’s doing. Which brings me to my next point…

Molly is going to mess it up with Andrew because of Bennett. Bennet is fine. But remember Molly was hesitant about dating outside of her race because well, she’s Molly. And though she’s slightly thrown off by his age, I would be surprised if we see her soften to the idea and start questioning what she’s doing with Andrew in the first place because here’s a fine and seemingly accomplished black man. All that she’s been looking for, right? I can see her now throwing him a sassy line about only dating white girls and he counters with an observation about her relationship with Andrew. And bam. Hello, old Molly. 

Okay so the kicker: Molly saying she didn’t want to ask Andrew about the artist. I’m on Molly’s side here. Granted they are having this breakdown of communication, I wouldn’t want to help my friend when I’m feeling abandoned. I’m not mature enough. However, that would have been a prime opportunity to hash things out. But Molly called it when she was talking to Tiffany. Things went south and Issa definitely pulled her in. In Molly’s defense, she tried to help Issa in her own way when she inquired about the contract but Issa has tunnel vision and just want things to happen how she wants them to. But Molly also said she wanted to keep Andrew separate and something about protecting the relationship. I think she said that because she just thinks Issa is a screw up and she’ll look bad to him if things go south. 

Issa is going to call Nathan back because she’s needs the connection to Andrew to get the artist. 

The one liners that I can’t move past 

“It smell like flowers in here. We ain’t even outside.”
“Who raised you? You treating us like them people in Flint, Michigan.”
“Look at Lawrence over there looking like a provider. Stay looking employed.”

This breakdown he’s having because he had a daughter. He said the poop was chartreuse. 

“Ima just circle around the block one more time. Michelle ain’t become yet.”
“Kelli, can you help me?” “Girl, I am raising a child?” I am Kelli. Kelli is me.


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