Kay’s Korner 4/26/18

Kay’s Korner 4/26/18

This is something new I’m trying because I be having thoughts and everything doesn’t warrant a blog post and I hate long captions so here we are. I think this will be fun.

Before I started blogging again, I was terribly conflicted. Before Kay Day 2K18, I took 90 days off social media to just be and I loved it. But I knew once I started blogging again, I would need to be more active on the medias and take less breaks.

I enjoy writing and I’d like to do so without the pressure of sharing so much and not being on social media all the time. I like to interact on my own terms. I need a break from it often so I don’t disrupt my rhythm and to give me the space and time to be creative.

However, I said all that to say that I don’t care anymore. I can’t compromise myself for the medias or to share. It would be unauthentic of me to do otherwise. I refuse to stress and worry about engagement. And I need hiatuses. NEED. Not being on social media for 3 months was revitalizing. Necessary. Revealing. Being back on has been just as revealing and it’s time I back off again. Maybe not for 3 months. Probably just one. Or maybe I’ll take a week off every month. Blogging will continue, of course. But yea. I’m about to take a break.

Randomness that has nothing to with anything:

  • I started a new exercise regimen so don’t be sweating me once I get abs.
  • My lil fro is growing so don’t be sweating me once my crown starts flourishing if you don’t love me through this sugar bush stage. The day I can wear a low pony, it’s over for y’all.
  • Yes, I watched Beyoncé and I didn’t have very many thoughts or feelings outside of love and appreciation. She was simply being the queen that I’ve come to know and adore and I couldn’t be more proud to Stan for her. I did send her a tryout video because I don’t understand why I wasn’t invited to be part of the show. Maybe I can be part of OTR II. But it’s all love, nonetheless.

  • I finished Americanah for the 3rd time and my heart is glad. Where is my Ceiling?!
  • It’s not flattering when people think I’m younger than I am. Because you know what? The fact that I can’t tell you the last time I went to the club feels 30. This slowed down metabolism feels very 30. And this 10pm bedtime feels very senior citizen like. And I mean sleep by 10. Bed by 9:30 so I can read. So I don’t care if I look 25 because I feel every bit of 30.
  • Kanye and Sabrina Claudio are both cancelled. Support people who care about your black ass. I will argue with you and anybody else about it. I have some time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Kay’s Korner. See you next week on as the world turns.

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