Making Time for What Matters

Making Time for What Matters

How much closer we would be to doing what God has called us to do if we simply asked the One who creates the day how we should spend it?

Sometimes, my schedule can get crazy. I overcommit and end up getting overwhelmed and then flaking. I’m introverted in the sense that I need to be alone for extended periods before I spend time with others. I enjoy parties and hanging out and brunch but I thrive during my alone time.

In the moments that I find myself overwhelmed and overcommitted is when I finally stop and ask, “Did God tell you to do this?” Rarely beforehand do I ask. And usually when I ask beforehand it’s because God DEFINITELY told me to do it and I’m seeking clarification for the 14th time. But that’s another story for another day.

So yea. I sometimes agree to do things simply for feeling bad that I missed other things. But in that, someone usually ends up getting the short end of the stick. There have been times where I’ve done something or gone somewhere out of guilt only to realize my presence would not have been missed or wasn’t even appreciated.

When my calendar is full, I miss out on time spent with God and myself. I’m not checking in as often as I should and my personal projects and goals get neglected. Granted I may need a lesson or two in adjusting to abrupt change outside of work but I also need to stop and evaluate my commitments more often. I can’t be everything to everyone because it’s not possible but mostly because that’s not what God is calling me to do.

Being that God has already laid a path before me, it makes sense in theory to ask God what He wants me to do everyday. I’m sure you and myself included wake up everyday and say our prayers and then start the day. And while I’m sure we all have mounting to do lists, what if God is asking us to put some things on the back burner and focus on something else? What if He’s asking us to switch projects or focus on another goal? What if He’s telling me to skip my writing time and go volunteer at the women’s shelter or bypass brunch and surprise a friend with a cash app blessing? I worry that I sometimes miss the opportunity to be obedient or be a blessing because my prayers are self centered or I simply didn’t ask God: What would You have me do?

Full transparency: there have been times where I want to Sunday fun day and I KNOW God said no and I would still hit up my friends and NO ONE, I mean not one, was hitting the streets that day. Or when I went anyway and it turned out to be disappointing.

It’s tough to remember to ask God how I should be spending my day but I pray that it becomes a daily practice. I can’t do life on my own and I’m done trying.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

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