Kay’s Korner 5/24/18

Kay’s Korner 5/24/18

No intro this week but the randomness is long. Next week though, I’m going to have some heat. Fire. Flames. Bars.

But here are some quotes before we dive in:

“If you spend your life living only for this life, then you’ll miss out on the next life.”

“Don’t let fear stop you from the next dimension.”

“It’s time for you to do something different so God can do something you’ve never seen.”

“What if God is telling you to break your routine?”

Randomness That Has Nothing to Do With Anything:

I think I’ve said this before but one more time for the hood: be mindful of what you’re consuming. Every blog isn’t for you. Every news article doesn’t need to be read. Every podcast doesn’t need to be heard. These things affect you in subtle and obvious ways.

A mantra: I am learning the value of self-control and self-restraint. The value of not abandoning my values and beliefs because of someone else’s behavior. Other people don’t dictate who I am or what I do. I won’t be moved by anyone’s actions but my own. I am in control.

I still can’t believe I’m natural. I’m going to post a lil TBT for y’all today on my Instagram story.

God is still performing miracles FYI. One day, I’ll tell y’all about it. But for the time being I encourage you to pray boldly. I mean BOLD. Not selfish or self-serving. Mountain moving prayers. Prayers that shake some stuff up. Prayers that when answered you can’t help but be like “God, I know that was you.” I’ve realized my thinking is small. God was like you want this when I can do THAT? God wants to do more than pay a bill or two or give you a salary increase. We gotta stop playing small and remember who our God is. Remember when I said I needed constant reminders? God heard and has yet to stop reminding me.

Fun fact I’ve recently learned about myself: I don’t eat when I’m stressed. So basically I just overeat because I have zero self-control.

Yo. Homegirl should’ve skipped over the n-word. I don’t care if it’s in the song. Don’t say it. Have you ever watched Amine perform Caroline? He alters the lyrics because he knows non-blacks thinks him saying it in his hit single gives them clearance. It doesn’t. But honestly until we (black people) as a race can agree on the use of the word, we’ll continue to deal with stuff like this. Even when we would read aloud in college (I studied literature. We read in class.) they would skip over it so what in the tarnation… you know what? Never mind. I said what I said.

I know I need to take some more pics. I know y’all tired of seeing those pictures because I am lol. But I’ve been busy so be patient with ya girl.

What if I would’ve named this blog Yo, Kay!?

Next Thursday is the first so y’all will get Kay’s Korner and a newsletter! Or maybe not? We shall see…


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