2019 Check In

2019 Check In

It’s March already! Whew. Time flies when you get older. One minute you’re 21, dropping it to the floor and the next, you’re 31 with lower back pain and bad knees. Those decisions really start to catch up with you.

Anyway, did you set resolutions?

I kind of did. Once my birthday passes, I finally sit down and think what I would like to happen or accomplish.

How are your resolutions going?

Studies show that people usually give up on their resolutions by January and here we are way in March. Where do you stand? Have you given up? Or are you still holding strong?

I think people don’t see their goals through because of fear. I would give up on goals simply because of the time it will take or a lack of belief in myself. If it didn’t seem like it would materialize the way I envisioned, then I walked away. But by doing that, I didn’t allow God the space He needed to be God and do what He needed to do. Not only did my time constraints and vision limit Him, it hindered me from achieving anything.

I also worried about whether or not it made sense to me and everyone else. Sure, I heard a still small voice tell me what to do but maybe it was me in my own head. I conjured that vision up because it’s what I wanted. Or what if this is wrong? If it didn’t feel right or make sense, I abandoned it. Here I was focusing on the natural and not even considering what God was doing in the supernatural. I operated in fear and doubt and didn’t allow my faith to carry me.

Resolution Solution

Moving forward, I decided to keep my eyes on God. His track record has shown me that He has never led me astray and He also doesn’t allow me to stray far away. He always pulls me back and gets me together. That’s grace.

I’m not perfect and never will be. And God isn’t looking for perfection. He’s looking for a willing heart, someone who will say yes to His will and plan. I thought that all my mistakes and shortcomings would count me out but that’s exactly what qualifies me. God has mapped out my life. He knows what I’m going to do or say before I actually do it. And everything I do is part of His plan. Nothing can stop me from my destiny. All I have to do is go get it.

Now, I simply work towards my goals and rely on discernment to stay the path or redirect me. That’s all I can do. I had to abandon the illusion of control and trust God. I chose surrender as my word for 2018 and it echoed through the entire year. But I also experienced God in a new way.

As you embark into the rest of 2019, don’t abandon your goals and dreams. Trust and believe that they will manifest. God doesn’t place dreams in our hearts for us to not see them come to pass. If He said, He’ll do it.

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