Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

More often than not I have to check my intentions before I share something. While it does help to talk some things through with a friend, I have to be mindful that I’m not complaining or griping. Even if I want to vent, what will the takeaway be? Once I get whatever it is off my chest, what’s the next step? What was solved? Were any solutions reached?

Watch Your Words

There’s power in your tongue and most of your thoughts shouldn’t be brought to life with your words. It’s crazy how many things we unknowingly release into the atmosphere and then end up confused about the hell and chaos that we brought into our lives. All because of a vent session or something we just had to get off our chest. Don’t curse yourself.
Life and death truly lies in the power of our tongue hence the law of attraction. The way you think, the words you say affect your life. You attract what you want. The moment we start releasing positive energy and speaking positivity into our lives is when we start to see a transformation. Change your mind about yourself.

Walk Like You Already Got It

Walk and live like you’re already blessed. In You are a Bad Ass the author talks about how she needed a new car and she went back and forth between a practical option vs. a luxury car. She chose the latter which made her shift her mindset. The practical option suggested that she would always be in the same place that was. It would have conveyed that she wouldn’t see increase in her future. Once she made the decision, she started earning way more money than she had ever made in her life. In her opinion, this choice is what took her to the next level. Now by no means am I suggesting you go buy a car or house you can’t afford but I do suggest you walk in your blessing. Walk like you already have it. God will meet you where you are. When Jane got her car she saw an almost immediate turn around in her finances. Your blessing will make room for you.  Have you made room for it? (Made time to study or practice, sacrificed, prayed, etc.?)
You don’t do yourself or anyone else any good by playing small and living a life unintended for you. God knows exactly what we want and He wants to give us the desires of our heart. We are the ones who shrink, play small and magnify our problems and situations, neglecting the fact that God is bigger than all of that. Discouraging thoughts and limiting beliefs get you nowhere. Just go all in. Go for it. God will be there. He’s already there and He’s waiting for you.
It’s all about shifting your mindset. Change your thoughts, change your life. Once you gain control of the crazy things running through your mind, you’ll see a shift. Believe me: it’s easier said than done and it takes constant work just like everything else. Growth and evolution is constant. It’s hard but I believe it’s worth it.

What Are Your Expectations?

Your optimism is tied to your faith. Do you expect good things to happen to you? How do you receive and process the occurrences in your life? Do you see the bright side?

Expect amazing things to happen! Pay attention to your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Shut down the made up scenarios in your mind. Expect God’s favor. Believe that favor and mercy follow you everywhere and that blessings will manifest in everything you do.

God revealed to me that though my words and language conveyed excitement and expectancy, my mind was still focused on plan B. I wasn’t fully investing myself, my hope and my faith in the fact that plan A would come to pass. There was doubt lingering in my subconscious and it was important that I acknowledge it don’t wouldn’t be reflected in my actions. I want to move forth boldly and trust that God has my front, back and sides.

So how optimistic are you? Do you expect breakthroughs and unmerited favor? Do you believe that God will send the right people at the right time? Do you trust that God will work it out, even though it seems impossible? I have decided to be a living witness. I search for God in everything just so I can come back and tell you how God provided so not only that you may be inspired but so that He can receive the glory He deserves.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

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