Taking Heed

Taking Heed

I have become incredibly self-reflective and I think it’s due to increased sensitivity to the spirit of discernment. Along with this has come a bit of a judgmental spirit which I know isn’t from God but my ego.

The ego is what damages the credibility of many church and spiritual leaders. Sure, there’s a great deal of judgment necessary (I am very aware of what John 8:7 says but context people!) but not at the risk of pushing people away. If you can’t lovingly call someone out or correct them to where it can convict change or lead to reflection then don’t. And the right words can only come from God so if He didn’t tell you to say anything then don’t!

God has been constantly convicting me and telling me when I’m wrong to the point where I take the time to look at all situations and see what role I played and how my behavior could have altered the situation, regardless if the outcome was positive or negative. See, my goal is to leave people better than I found them. To shine some light and leave some glitter wherever I go.

It’s not always possible because people clash, disagreements happen. And sometimes the people I interact with don’t want my glitter thrown in their face so they put on a face mask. And that’s fine. My only responsibility in those scenarios are to keep being who I am: a self-reflective, glitter throwing, light shining lady.

There aren’t many times that God has directed me to call anyone out. I actually thought this post was going to be about something else but *shrugs.* (I had saw something on Instagram and was like “you know what?! Let me write about this.” But God checked me. That’s not the energy I should be manifesting so don’t even much try it.) But that may not be true for you. One lesson I am learning however is to let people be who they are and allow them the space to become who God has called them to be. So my prayer for my friends and family has been that they trust God and press to become all that He has call them to be. People will always disappoint and do things I don’t agree with. My only job right now in this season is to pray for them. And that’s because I asked God to show me how to pray for others. I realized there was a disconnect in my prayers because they were self-centered. And that’s how I learned I couldn’t pray for them because I was too judgmental, worrying about people’s salvation more than my own. Until God tells me to do otherwise, please accept these words on this screen and I hope that is whatever kind of light you needed today.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

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